Getting Started

We expect you will fall in to one of the following two categories:

  • I’m new to Klevu, how do I get started with Klevu JavaScript Library?
  • I’m an existing Klevu customer using JSv1, but I’m ready to migrate to Klevu JavaScript Library (aka JSv2). What now?

The process for getting started with Klevu JS Library is actually the same for either scenario. As explained in our FAQ section, an integration with Klevu JavaScript Library should be considered as a brand new integration. Any functionality you have in JSv1 will need to be recreated by your development team in JSv2. Therefore a migration or a new starter have the same process.

The process we recommend is as follows:

  1. Have your JavaScript development team try our Hello World and example tutorials.
  2. Mock up some wireframes of what your auto-suggest overlay and search results page would look like, including annotations of any required functionality.
  3. Have your JavaScript development team attempt to apply what they’ve learnt from our examples and tutorials to create a functional version of your wireframes, and remember to consider analytics!
  4. If they have any problems, they can ask for help on where our own JavaScript developers are helping out via the forum.
  5. Review the Integration Checklist to make sure you’ve covered the most important points.

There will be a learning curve to get started with Klevu JS Library for your first project, however in subsequent projects you’ll already have a great understanding of how things work and you can re-use your previous effort on future projects.