URL Redirects

In our legacy implementation, URL redirect functionality was included in the hosted JS implementation Klevu provides for sending customers to specific URLs when a certain keyword was searched.

With Klevu JS Library, URL redirect management and the corresponding frontend implementation to handle them must be implemented as per your own requirements.

Currently there is no way to retrieve URL redirect information specified within the KMC via the Klevu API response. However, when a URL redirect is saved and published in the KMC, a static JS file is updated containing this information, which can be accessed via the following URL: https://js.klevu.com/klevu-js-v1/klevu-js-api/{JS_API_KEY}-maps.js, for example:

If you require the management of URL redirects to remain within the Klevu KMC, you can consume this JS file and extract the URL redirect information contained within klevu_keywordUrlMap.


We are currently exploring the option to make this klevu_keywordUrlMap information available in a more structured JS format, and also exploring the ability to include relevant URL redirect information within an API search response.