Banner Management

In our legacy implementation, banner functionality was included in the hosted JS implementation Klevu provides for handling the display of banners in quick search and search results pages. This is still respected by our Klevu Theme.

If you do not use Klevu Theme, banner management and the corresponding frontend implementation to display them must be implemented as per your own requirements. Please refer to our GitHub repository for examples on how to implement banners in your own implementation.

Currently there is no way to retrieve banners created within the KMC via the Klevu API response. However, when a banner is saved in the KMC, a static JS file is updated containing this information, which can be accessed via the following URL:{JS_API_KEY}-banner.js, for example:

If you require the management of banners to remain within the Klevu KMC, you can consume this JS file and extract the banner information contained within klevu_banner.