The customizations section of the KMC was created to allow for merchants to have some direct control over the look and feel of their search, because they did not have access to modify this directly themselves.

In a Klevu JavaScript Library implementation, the majority of this section is no longer required since you have direct access to the JS, CSS and HTML files. These customizations are now directly in your hands so you can amend the styling and functionality to your heart’s content.

Depending on your own requirements for a particular implementation, the following KMC features must therefore be considered for implementation by your development team:

Search as You Type Layout

Klevu provides two layout options in search as you type, with customisable options within. These settings are no longer necessary since you have direct access to update the JS, HTML and CSS of the search UI yourself.

Customize CSS

The ability for a merchant to customise CSS is no longer necessary since you have direct access to manage your own CSS files with Klevu JavaScript Library. Should you still want to use this data, it is available on the following URL:{JS_API_KEY}.css, for example:

Please check the sub-pages below for more details.

Please refer to our online resources for examples and tutorials on how to accomplish the same functionality with the Klevu JavaScript Library.

The following exclusions will still have some impact in a Klevu JavaScript Library implementation:

  • Showing or hiding Out of Stock Products setting is respected in API responses, provided no parameter has been specified in the request to override this.
  • Facet Labels and Visibility will still be taken into account.
  • Search Report in Email will still be generated and sent.