Integration Checklist

An integration with Klevu JavaScript Library involves only creating the functionality that you need for your particular integration, so the checklist contains a number of optional questions that you should consider during development planning and before launching on a Production store.

Depending on your wireframes and requirements, some or all of the following will need to be built by your development team, samples of which can be found in our tutorials and examples repository.


To plan an integration using Klevu JavaScript Library, please look at your search wireframes and designs, discuss required functionality with your merchant and ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your search integration require an auto-suggest overlay?
    • Containing Products? Categories? CMS Content?
    • Popular search terms?
    • Trending products?
  • Do you require a search results landing page?
    • Including facets?
    • Containing Products? Categories? CMS Content?
  • Do you need to build a category page to power category navigation with Klevu?
  • Does your merchant require any of the customisation features previously provided in JSv1 by the KMC?
  • Do you need to implement ‘no results found’ templates?
    • For the auto-suggest overlay?
    • For the search results landing page?
    • Including any alternative product suggestions?

Building / Developing

These are the questions to ask yourself during development:

  • Are the Klevu localisation settings handled correctly?
    • For different languages?
    • For relevant currencies?
  • Are all search instances using the correct settings:
    • Search box selector set correctly?
    • Placeholder is set correctly depending of search instance?
    • Minimum character limit appropriate to each search box?
  • Do all relevant interactions have corresponding analytics requests?
    • Do you see corresponding entries in KMC for search terms, popular product clicks, etc.
  • Do your storage engines have the capacity to hold the designated information (for example cookies can not hold a large amount of information)

Going Live

To check you are ready go go live:

  • Are you using the correct API endpoint, including ‘v2’ (eg.
    • This is important for performance, as ‘v2’ uses our CDN.
  • Is Klevu core library fixed to a static version and in production mode?
    • Or if preferable, have you downloaded a copy to host yourself?
  • Are the settings for console and logging are set to production mode?
  • Have any unnecessary logging added on local files been removed?
  • Are all local JS files for your Klevu integration minified and merged?