How to get help?

Until now the primary point of support was to email This will remain to be the case for all queries that do not relate to a Klevu JavaScript UI integration.

We have created a Community Forum to help streamline the integration questions that come up in order to share the same information with our entire developer community.

The team that handles general support requests do not have the same product knowledge as those handling specific questions about API or JS integration topics, so for the quickest response please use the appropriate method.

For example the following queries would still go via

  • Data synchronisation issues.
  • Module installation problems.
  • Unexpected search result ranking or relevancy.
  • Customisation questions regarding a JSv1 integration.
  • etc.

For a Klevu Javascript Library, or JSv2 integration, any questions relating to look & feel, functionality or frontend integration should instead be asked in our community forum:

  • How do I build an API request that includes personalisation?
  • Do you have any examples of how to add a Quick View?
  • Is there a way to integrate reviews into my search results?
  • etc.

Of course if you are not sure and post a question in the wrong place, don’t worry our team will inform you of the correct route to get your answer.