Go Live checklist

Before going live please validate the following:

  • The Klevu library used is on the fixed version and in production mode
  • All local JS files are minified, merged files are recommended.
  • The klevu local settings are applied correctly
  • All search instances are using the correct override setting
    • Search box selector is set correctly depending of search instance
    • Placeholder is set correctly depending of search instance
    • Minimum character limit is set correctly depending of search instance
  • Analytics Instances are using correct settings and events
  • Targets for each search instance are correctly defined
  • Template helpers are loaded correctly and available in all search instance scopes
  • Translations are applied as needed
  • Currency conversion is applied as needed
  • Template files are loaded correctly on every page they need to be on
  • The templates have been validated in all compilation types
    • No results
    • Trending or focus results
    • Limited results , example sections missing
    • Items being returned have correct template processor
    • Lists do not fail when there is no return for them
    • Minimum/maximum characters limitation notices are displayed
    • Any custom situation is covered by the templates
  • Settings for console and logging are set to production mode
  • Any storage engine used has the capacity to hold the designated information(example cookies can not hold large amount of information)
  • Any unnecessary logging added on local files is removed.

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