Dictionary engine – Global Storage engines

klevu.extend( target [, object1 ] [, objectN ] )
Returns: Object

Description:  The global storage of a dictionary can be saved out of memory and be persistent by using one of 4 types of storage engines. Once a storage engine is set it will automatically retrieve the data stored in that engine for that scope inside the global data. Any push of local data after that point to the global data will automatically fire a update of the same scope data in the chosen storage.

  • session – for browser session Storage , this adds all values to the session storage
  • local – for browser local Storage , this adds all values to the local storage
  • cookies – stores the map under a key/value format in the cookie , because of cookie limitation when using this method the user has to limit the amount of data stored.
  • cookiesSession – Similar to cookies only difference being that the cookies are set under a session not persistent after session end

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