Klevu distribution

Production and Developer distributions

Klevu is distributed in 2 methods.

  • as a production ready library
  • as a development library

There are some very specific differences between the 2 distributions. The development one is not minified and does contain inside the main code logging code that will execute in the case logging settings are set, unlike production that has no logging code in the main library code however it still has the logging interfaces and it will still automatically send fatal errors to Klevu servers.

Settings are stored in klevu.settings.console

  console : {
    active : false , // activation of logging in developer version
    errorReporting: "stats.ksearchnet.com", // automatic reporting of fatal errors
    level : 1 , // 1: error | 2: warning | 3: info | 4:debug,
    type : {
      general : false , // general logging
      ajax : false , // ajax
      chain : false , // chaining methods
      translator : false , // translator methods
      template : false , // template engine
      event : false , // event engine 
      storage : false // dictionary storage engine


Klevu is distributed in all live versions flowing the format:

http://js.klevu.com/klevu-js-v2/<version>/klevu.js – for the public version
http://js.klevu.com/klevu-js-v2/<version>/klevu_debug.js – for the developer version

Please check the announcements section of our community forum for information on the latest release versions.

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