Cache engine

klevu.extend( target [, object1 ] [, objectN ] )
Returns: Object

Description:  Stores a key-value map ,the engine keys do not have to be of string type but can be any object , similar to MAP

Any value (both objects and primitive values) may be used as either a key or a value. The engine is used to store individual query request/response.

The scope of the cache is always global and will be shared by all implementations of the cache engine.


  • getCache – retrieves a value for a given key object
  • hasCache – checks if a given key object has a value
  • setCache – sets a key/value map to the cache engine
  • getAllCache – get all cache objects


var cache = klevu.cache();
cache.hasCache({request:"value"}); // true
cache.getCache({request:"value"}); // {responce:"value"}

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