Analytics Object

Analytics Object

Description:  The analytics object is an implementation of the framework to be used for interacting with the analytics API.

Search instance (kObject)

  • init – function to be used on a later date
  • getScope – function will return the scope object
  • setScope – function will set the scope object
  • buildData – function used to return a new data component that can be used in the scope
  • resetData – function used to reset the scope data, used to prepare the scope data for a new request

All analytics instances have the same base structure as they are cloned from the original analytics instance.

All analytics instances are added to , it has this format: – It is recommended that any new instance of the search object is added to this.

  • build – true/false – defines if base instance has finished initializing
  • base – the base Search instance – used as a source for cloning 

The analytics object is the object that holds a entire instance of an analytics interface. While it has a scope the main functionality of it is to provide a way to manage multiple instances of analytics each with there own scope and configurations.

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